Gallery Pics from Fire Island Pines

Guy Smith Productions redesigned three spaces in the Fire Island Pines in Spring of 2010 for new owners. 

The Pavilion: Long considered the cutting edge house music nightclub of the exclusive Fire Island Pines gay set, this building had been poorly rebuilt by previous owners and had suffered from plummetting attendance since.  Guy Smith Productions re-imagined the space with a balcony, ultimately built by David Silverstien of IPD Partners, a new video projection system, a permanent VJ console and servers, projectors and a 60ft long FP screen, reprogrammed lighting, and a completely redesigned and configured sound system.  GSP designed sound treatment to diffuse the echo and shorten reverb time, and even installed a Soundcraft Urei 1620 Rotary Mixer similar to the original in the club in the 80s.  Thanks to these changes and excellent promotions and programming from the new management, attendance is back on the rise. 

The Blue Whale: Originally built in the early 60s, this aluminum, steel and concrete International Style club / restaurant got a gut renovation.  GSP consulted on all aspects from the very beginning.  We designed and custom manufactured 84 lighting fixtures which create a soft glow on the tables and peek through the new wooden lowered ceiling.  We designed a completely new multi-point sound system using precisely placed and tuned EAW speakers and Italian RCF woofers indoors, and OWI patio speakers outdoors.  The Dj booth was also attractively and ergonomically redesigned.

The Pool Deck: After decades of disuse, the Pool Deck was re-invented as a daytime party space.  GSP designed two new sound systems, one an 18 point surround system od Bogen 70v speakers, and one a custom built and water resistant JBL type full range / sub system by the DJ booth for the dance floor.  The attractive and useful DJ booth was designed by GSP as well. 

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